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CopyFiles - The File Copy Utility

The CopyFiles program enables you to perform incremental copying of files from a 'Source' folder to a 'Target' folder.
The program can copy entire sub-folder trees under the specified 'Source' folder as well as simply copying the files within a single folder.
Due to the incremental-copy nature of the program it is indispensable when it comes to copying files over a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  Only those files that have changed will be copied.


AppSwitcher - The Application Switching Presentation Tool

The AppSwitcher program enables you to switch between running applications with the mere click of a mouse button.
This is an indespensible tool for those who take pride in presenting seamless MS PowerPoint presentations that need to be able to switch between the Presentation and other applications.
This Application switching is even possible while you are using a Remote Presentation mouse as you are walking around the room.


PublishToWeb Uploader

The PublishToWeb Uploader gives the user the ability to quickly turn any Word document into an HTML file and instantly publish it to the website of your choice. This is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to post newsletters, blogs, reports or anything else from word to a website. The Uploader automatically remembers the login information for your website so it's quick and easy to use. There is also a built in feature to create backups, so re-doing or un-doing changes is no problem.