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Updating to the latest version of WealthMap generates an 'access denied...could not delete' error [Wealth Map]
If when downloading and installing a WealthMap update you get an 'Access Denied...could not delete' error message, retry the update and during the Setup portion of the process wait a few seconds between clicking each of the 'Next' and 'Finish' buttons.  The issue seems to be that the Windows' operating system does not completely close WeathMap prior to the Setup trying to install the new version.
Client Quote File [Wealth Map]
You can save the Client information and allocation parameters for later recall by using the 'File | Save' menu item on the application's main window.  This will create a file in your local 'Quotes' folder and give it a filename which indicates the Client and the allocation parameters.  You can then reopen/recall this file at a later time by utilizing the 'File | Open' menu item on the application's main window.
License/Registration Numbers [Wealth Map]
When entering the License/Registration number into the application please note that there are no letter 'O' in any License/Registration number.  There are zeros '0's, but there are no letter 'O's.
Reinstalling WealthMap [Wealth Map]
If the need arises for you to unistall WealthMap from one computer and install it on a different computer, please contact Technical Support to ensure your License Number will work on the new computer.  License number are machine specific, so moving WealthMap from one computer to another may cause you to prematurely use up the number of licenses you purchased.