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Managing your Chapter Member list [Networking Chapter Management]
You can add your Chapter Members to your local database and then export/upload the list of Chapter Members to the web. This list of Chapter Members can then be download/imported by other members of your Chapter into their local 'Networking Chapter Management' application database.
To Export the list of Chapter members use the 'Export the Chapter Member list...' menu item on the 'File' menu:
Chapter Member 'Start Date' and 'End Date' [Networking Chapter Management]
It is important that all Members of your Chapter have been given a Member 'End Date' (see the Contacts/Chapter Member form). If a Chapter Member has not been given both a 'Start' and an 'End' date, they may not show up as a Chapter Member on some Forms and in some Reports.
Exporting your 'Show Me the Money' [Networking Chapter Management]
You can export, to the web, your 'Show Me the Money' so that the Chapter Member that is tracking the Chapter 'Show Me the Money' can easily download the data and import it into their local database. This export/import is anonymous. This facility makes is simple to track 'Show Me the Money' at the Chapter level.
Using the right mouse button to switch between Applications [AppSwitcher]
The AppSwitcher application enables you to switch between Windows' applications with the simple click of the right mouse button.
Entering Referrals from members of other Chapters [Networking Chapter Management]
You can enter Referrals that your Chapter receives from members of other Chapters by using the 'All Referrals' data entry Form (Menu: 'View | Referrals | All Referrals').
Running the 'Meeting Dues' report [Networking Chapter Management]
To run the 'Meeting Dues' report you perform the following steps:
  1. Click on the 'Reports' button on the Application's main window.
  2. Select the 'Meeting Dues (Checklist)' report from the drop down list of Reports ('Report to Run') on the 'Report Window' that appears due to your clicking of the 'Reports' button on the Application's main window.
  3. Change the report parameters: 'Chapter' => Select your Chapter from the drop down list of Chapters, 'Type of Dues' => Select 'Meeting' from the drop down list of types of dues, 'As of Date' => Click on the appropriate as of date on the associated Calendar.
  4. Click the 'Run this Report' button that is located in the toolbar of the Reports window (the 'Run' button looks like a triangle on its side, or a Play button on a VCR).
People are missing from my list of Chapter Members [Networking Chapter Management]
When you run the Networking Chapter Management Application check to see if there is an icon in the lower right corner of the Application's main window. The icon looks like a couple of people's heads. The appearance of this icon indicates that there exists a new Chapter Member list available on the web for download/import. Simply double click the left mouse button on the icon and the download/import should start. After the import is complete your list of Chapter Members should be up to date.
My Chapter has its own Bank Account for paying Chapter Expenses [Networking Chapter Management]
If your Chapter has opened a bank account to pay for Chapter incurred expenses like: Room rental, Coffee, then assign the 'Paid by:' field on the 'Chapter Expenses' Form in the Application to your Treasurer. In this way you will be able to track your collected Meeting Dues and the associated expenses.
Updating to the latest version of WealthMap generates an 'access denied...could not delete' error [Wealth Map]
If when downloading and installing a WealthMap update you get an 'Access Denied...could not delete' error message, retry the update and during the Setup portion of the process wait a few seconds between clicking each of the 'Next' and 'Finish' buttons.  The issue seems to be that the Windows' operating system does not completely close WeathMap prior to the Setup trying to install the new version.
Client Quote File [Wealth Map]
You can save the Client information and allocation parameters for later recall by using the 'File | Save' menu item on the application's main window.  This will create a file in your local 'Quotes' folder and give it a filename which indicates the Client and the allocation parameters.  You can then reopen/recall this file at a later time by utilizing the 'File | Open' menu item on the application's main window.