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AppSwitcher enables you to switch between running applications with the mere click of a mouse button.

AppSwitcher is an indespensible tool for those who take pride in presenting seamless MS PowerPoint presentations that need to be able to switch between the Presentation and other applications.

This Application switching is even possible while you are using a Remote Presentation mouse as you are walking around the room.

AppSwitcher is only $19.95.


You can start using AppSwitcher in 4 easy steps.
1. Fill in the required fields below and click "Purchase Now".
2. Pay for AppSwitcher using either a credit card, or paypal account.
3. An email will be sent to the address you provide and will include:
      a. A link to download the AppSwitcher program.
      b. 1 License/Registration number.
4. Install and run the program and enter the registration number contained in the above email.

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If you already have an AppSwitcher License you can download the Application by clicking the 'Download Now' button.
You do not need to fill in the above form to perform this simple download.

Click here to see the AppSwitcher demo within a separator window.